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Wheelings and Dealings: Genesys Expands Offerings with Voice Solutions Acquisition

January 27, 2014

In a crowded contact center world, every edge you can offer a potential customer can make a company that much more valuable. That might explain why Genesys, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, just acquired Ventriloquist Voice Solutions International.

Ventriloquist is a smart choice for Genesys, as it helps companies to deliver persona-based, branded customer interactions over voice, SMS, email, and mobile to improve the customer experience. It also helps that Ventriloquist is already an existing partner of Genesys, and brings with it a substantial installed base of customers in both Canada and the U.S.

“Customer experience leaders worldwide are looking for more and more ways to personalize proactive customer communications that eliminate the need for unnecessary customer interactions,” said Reed Henry, CMO at Genesys. “Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solutions allow customers to receive information in their preferred manner and only when needed, which makes them more likely to be a vocal advocate and promoter.”

The acquisition also makes sense on several other levels, including “a fit with our company culture, the potential to directly address a strong base of installed customers, and other factors,” Henry told TMC.

Previously, with the Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solution, organizations communicated with their customers in an effective, interactive, and personalized manner that delivered positive brand impressions. Today, Genesys Proactive Customer Communications delivers more than two billion messages a year in 30 countries for more than 350 customer experience leaders. By acquiring Ventriloquist, Genesys can now bring additional scale and technical expertise to its proactive communications solution.

“The addition of Ventriloquist to the Genesys family increases scale and reach for cloud-based proactive communications offerings, an important strategic initiative for the company,” Henry noted.

That thought was echoed by Ventriloquist:

“Genesys has been a great partner through the years,” said J. Peter Hunt, president of Ventriloquist Voice Solutions International. “The acquisition is a great outcome for our customers since they now will have access to the full suite of Genesys offerings, not just proactive communications.”

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